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Hall of Shame
On this page you will find some before and after photos as well as some photos of equipment that was repaired by "less than qualified" technicians.  It is
easy to see why people loose faith in a tried and true product like Rapidprint and Widmer, but also in the  companies that service them.  Here at TimeDok
we only use genuine OEM parts and will tolerate nothing less.

Machine with normal use, needs cleaning and proper plate installation.
The machine above was shimmed with paper to get a
"good" imprint. Mouse over the image to can see it
cleaned and the plates properly installed.
25 year old machine refurbished and returned to the customer for another 10 years!
To the right you can see a 25 year old
machine after repairs.  This is a perfect
example of how reliable these machines are.

There are very few things this day and age
that are a constant,  This technology works!
Below (left) you will see the type section mechanism with two different types of plates in it.  One plate is engraved brass and the
other is a brass sub plate with a bonded tin embossed print on it.  Below ( right) you will see two plates of the same age and even
the same lettering.  Looking carefully at the plates you can see that the cheaper plate is long past worn out and in fact makes a
horrible imprint.  The engraved plate still looks new and in fact makes a wonderfully crisp print! These bonded plates new make
just an "OK" imprint.  Think of the difference between the 2 as cheap tires vs. Michelins, 30.000 mile tires vs. 80.000 mile tires!  
The company that sells them to you saves a little time and a few dollars and you the customer end up with a crummy print after a
few years.  "An informed customer is a happy customer."

rapidprint head with cheap plate
bonded plate after 3 years of use
Three year old Bonded plate.  Notice the pitting around the letters and even the flat part of the plate.  The tin bonding is softer than the brass and
damages more easily.
Insist on Engraved Plates!
So, why this page?  I went back and forth on this issue until I was talking with one of my clients in East Texas.  It seems that a major court house out
there went back to hand stamps as they were having way too many issues with their equipment.  

Can you imagine using "hand stamps" hundreds of times a day?  I can't tell you how many times I hear, "what are we going to do without it" when I
have to pick one up!  After working on equipment from that area of the state that has been previously worked on by this outfit, it is no wonder why
they had so many issues.  Hopefully they will see this, recognise their work and clean up their act, you the customer deserve better!

I get equipment in from all over the country and every one seems to have a story but, these are good machines with a long history of serving your
needs.  I have replaced many year wheels on machines, sending them back into service for another 10 years!  If your machine is too worn out to be
repaired economically, I promise to let you know rather than have you frustrated.  


Earning your trust, one machine at a time!
Motor for Rapidprint machine
Before and After cleaning and repairs.
Below are before and after pictures worth looking at.  The machine lower left is an example of someone inking a ribbon with something.  It
takes little time before the wheels stop turning, and the plates and print become illegible.  If any of your machines look like this let the Dok
em up
for you.  Total cost of this repair is under $200 including shipping.  Cleaning and lubrication with no parts replaced will typically be less
than $200.  To the lower right is another machine with non OEM parts installed.  Notice the difference in the motors as well as the plates and
time assembly.
Loose wire from 3rd party motor, not properly installed on rapidprint ARE.
To the left is another stellar example of
not to do.  Here you will see that
some knucklehead twisted the wires
together from some 3rd party motor
and used some electrical tape.  Notice
that the white wire is exposed.

The electrical tape came off and 110
hit ground.
A quick look below will tell the tale of
why not to do this.  
Circuit Card shorted by 110 to ground.
This is the back of the circuit card that
controls the mechanism.  The black
area is where 110vac contacted
ground.  The end result is that the
machine can not be economically
repaired so the customer is forced to
replace it.

If you open your machines and see
wire nuts or electrical tape get it
fixed by a professional ASAP.
wait for the wire nut to fall off or the
tape to become brittle and come off.  
Remember that these machines have a
substantial amount of vibration when
they are used.

(a professional)  Dok
One of my customers purchased some machines off of E-Bay to save some money.  What seemed like a good deal was anything but!  One of
the machines they purchased had the serial number sanded off.  All of the machines need year wheels and most will need motors and other
parts.  These things were most likely auctioned off from the government by the skid load and then sold on E-Bay as (condition unknown) "as they
had no way of testing them."  The seller claimed that they had no key thus no way of checking them according to my client.  I think the seller
knew full well that these things were in bad shape and sold them just the same.

My client discovered that they can purchase
refurbished machines from me with a warranty for less money than what it will cost to refurbish
these.  If they are on an online auction , most likely they need to be refurbished or worse, retired!  Non of the machines purchased were
represented correctly or honestly.  Government entities auction off retired "stuff" as a way of getting rid of it when it is no longer usable or
needed.  People purchase it for pennies on the dollar and then place it on online auctions.  According to my client, one seller went so far as to
admit that it needed a year wheel followed by the statement that any lay person could repair it!  
That is so not the case!

When dealing with on-line auctions, caveat emptor.   Dok
Sad Story
rapidprint before and after cleaning
Above is a good example of before and after.  This machine had
illegible print quality and the time mechanism would not keep time.  
Mouse over the picture to see what it looked like after cleaning and
Incorrectly installed motor
Holy CRAP!

This is absolutely Terrible Workmanship!
The above pictures are someones' idea of replacing
the motor with a non OEM part and really doing it on
the cheap!  The wires are twisted together (not even
soldered) and, they used scotch tape, not even
electrical tape!  This has 110Volts AC poked inside a
metal case (grounded) with scotch tape as the only
insulator.  The motor became intermittent (lack of
solder) and the machine came to me for repair.  If
you see something like this inside one of your
machines, unplug it and get it fixed right!

ARL-E before before and after refurbishment process
20 year old machine before and after the
refurbishment process.  This machine new cost $800.  
They got it refurbished for under $300.  The digital
clock had failed or it would have been around $200.
Here is a motor pulled from yet another
machine from East Texas.  Notice the
huge wad of electrical tape. Mouse over
the picture to see what a new motor
should look like.
Non OEM and new OEM replacement
Clock before and after service.
To the left you see the
machine that this motor
came from.  Notice that the
splice could easily get into
the hinge.  You know the
drill, if your machine has
anything that looks like this,
get it to me to get it
repaired right!  

Incorrect and correct motor installation
Above is a closeup of what it should
not and should look like.

Here is another one that has
an improperly installed motor
and needing service.
To the left you see a machine that one
of the wire nuts came off.  120 volts hit
ground and you can see the scorch
mark on the white edge connector
where the trace from the circuit
evaporated. This would not have
happened if the repair person had
used OEM parts.
Open your machines. Look in the back and see if there are wire nuts or tape.  If there is it, should not be there.  
Inspect them when you get them back from service and make sure things are proper.  As always you are welcome to
call or write with questions.