One of the most ongoing issues that I see when I visit your offices is this.  The Ribbon is
installed incorrectly.  The simple facts are that installing a ribbon can be a little like
clearing a jam out of the copier.  I have made an effort here to give instructions on
replacing them.  If you want to give me
feedback please feel free to do so.

To Install a ribbon on a machine correctly is fairly simple
but can be messy. It is a good idea to have some latex
gloves handy.
LAtex Glove
The thing to remember about installing a ribbon is this, if it is too
hard and you are forcing it, something is wrong.
Check to make certain that you have the oblong holes to the left.
diagram of 5250 ribbon with oblong holes visable
Looking at the diagram on the left you will
notice that the holes in the spools are not
round but rather oblong.  On the other
side of the spools, those holes are round.
ARE with ribbon mechanism shown
To the right you will notice that I have
inserted the round hole into the
receiving pin and have positioned the
ribbon for final insertion.  The back spool
and front spool work the same way.
Unplug the machine from the AC Power source before attempting this.  
While there is little danger of getting shocked there is always the hazard of
tripping the trigger mechanism and possible hurting yourself.
To the left I am gently rotating the
driving wheel counter clockwise until
the ribbon seats
are ribbon being installed
Widmer t-3 ribbon being installed
In review, Facing the front of the machine, the
oblong holes in the ribbons' spool go on the left
side of the mechanism, using gentle pressure to
hold the ribbon feelers out of the way.  Position
the round end over the receiving pin on the right
(in the case of the Rapidprint) and then gently
slide the oblong hole over the left driving
mechanism (fig 1a) Then gently rotate the driving
wheels until the ribbon seats.
With the Widmer, (left) simply lift the
ribbons feelers and slide the ribbon on
to the shafts, oblong hole to the left.
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