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A Transcript Validator creates certifiable originals and "secure/unalterable" documents for Student Transcripts,
Birth and
Marriage Certificates, Contracts or any document required to be certified or notarized.

Certification in Less than a Second...paper activated, the Widmer 776-E Transcript Validator embosses a raised
or corporate seal, while at the same time, printing a combination of signature, title, date and additional text line- all
in One
Easy Step!!  
Registrar, Admissions and Bursar
departments must furnish “Original
Documents” which are difficult to nearly
impossible to alter or forge. Often large
quantities must be processed quickly

The RS-PTV Model Transcript Validator
embosses the university or college
seal, with inked highlights, into the
paper. The Registrar’s signature and
title are imprinted in indelible ink and
date validated. This process insures
the highest degree of “fidelity of

The RS-PTV Model Transcript Validator
can also be furnished to print the seal
along with the registrar’s signature,
title, and date.
Widmer 776E Transcript Validator
Made In the USA