We carry a full line of Widmer and Rapidprint time
and date stamp machines.  We also sell and
support check signing machines, embossers,
numbering machines, perforators, and currency
counters just to name a few.  Along with the
equipment we also carry consumables such as
ribbons and ink rollers.  Call or write today for
prices!  If you don't see it on the site write me.  
Chances are good I can help!   

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Widmer T-3
Widmer Time Date
recorder and
Wdmer S-3 Check signing
Widmer RS , Rotary Stamp, High
Cut Sheet Signer / Endorser
All of our products are made
completely in the United States.
Complete Rapidprint line.
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Why No Prices?

The world of self-service is not lost on me.  We are using technology to do away with your need to “talk” to someone or interact with them.

One of the things that differentiate TimeDok from other companies is that I know that there is no one size fits all solution.

The competition in most cases does not want to take that time to speak with you.  

See what you like, click on it and use PayPal or some credit card entry system to pay for it.  They pass that along to their vendor who drop ships
it, and they never have to speak with you.

Many customers come to me with the need to service that machine.
The Internet companies will refer you to the vendor.

TimeDok does its own service.  I handle service for many warranty issues that were purchased through some Internet only company.  That is
my preferred way to meet you as you are upset, and often conflate my business with the company that sold you your equipment.

I stand behind what I sell.  If the machine is new and something happens, I take care of it.

So back to no prices…

There are many different ways to configure these devices. Often time the customer just knows that they need a machine to do X.  They don’t know
that they need it to be “reverse print” or they are unaware that we can add an extended trigger to get it to stamp at the very edge of the paper.

When you talk to me, I will ask you these types of questions and sell you what you need the first time around.
Am I the cheapest in town or on the Internet? “Most of the time I am not the cheapest.”

I am live and not Memorex...

For me to be here for you, Timedok must make money; it is a fact of life.

Since I am a one stop shop, the customer service you get with me, validates my length of tenure selling and servicing this equipment.

If you place a value on your time, and you should, once we talk you can check that item off your to-do list and carry on.  From that moment on I
am working for you until you are happy.