ribbon 5250
There are several different kinds of ribbons for your Rapidprint and Widmer machines.  Your needs will
determine the ribbon to get. There are

There are also different materials with which they are made.  Nylon, Cotton and Silk.  Nylon is a good all
purpose ribbon for a machine with date and time only.  Cotton is a good choice for machines with plates as
it holds its ink better and tends to render a darker print longer.  Silk is the best choice for this but with any
of them there are pros and cons.  Silk makes an excellent print and will withstand being used more than
the others as it is a little more durable and will not pulverise as easily.  Cotton is by far the worst for
pulverisation.  If your ribbons are left in the machine too long the moisture in the ribbon will evaporate thus
rendering a lighter print.  Over used ribbons will pulverize and leave fabric into the mechanism which tends
to render the machine less accurate and eventually non functioning.

I tell people to make an imprint with a new ribbon  and then place that imprint somewhere around the
machine.  As the prints becomes lighter with use and very gradually, an indication of what it should look
like placed nearby will inspire people to replace the ribbon as needed.

I have placed an
instruction page on my website to assist you with this procedure.
We Carry several different ribbons as well as Ink rollers and Ink for printers.  Contact me for quotes
and availability.  
acroprint ribbon
acroprint multi color ribbon
rapidprint 5250 or Wodmer T-3 ribbon
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