Common Applications

  • Invoice Canceling
  • Mail Receipt / Dating
  • Document Marking
  • Fraud Prevention
  • X-Ray Film Dating
  • Sealed Bid Dating
  • Product Encoding
  • Voiding ID Cards
  • Marking Multiple Sheets at one time
  • Stock and Bond Cancellation
p-400 u perforator
a.b.e 700 perforator
      P-400 U                                                                      Model 700
The Model P-400U perforator is unique
in that almost any 5 character or less
word can be custom installed, no
longer limiting your selection to "PAID",
"VOID" OR "CNCLD". The model
P-400U provides almost limitless
applications to fulfill your needs..
The Model 700 electric perforator is for
permanent and unalterable marking of
documents. Perforated holes cannot
be erased.
Widmer ABE 800-1 Manual Date
Wodmer ABE 800 manual date perforator
Perforate a wide variety of text with the
Model 800 perforator. This perforator
is capable of perforating through 15
pages of 20 lb paper at a time and
comes with date perforating
capabilities. Perforating blocks are
removable for maintenance.
The ABE Perforator is offered in two models, the Electric ABE 700
Perforator that handles up to 20 sheets of paper...just Insert the
Documents and the Manual ABE 800 Perforator that handles up
to 12 sheets of paper...just Insert the Documents and Pull the
Lever. Perforator offer a virtually unlimited possibility of TEXT
Combinations such as; DATE, PAID and Date, VOID, Numbers,
etc. The ABE Perforator is offered with a standard Narrow Die that
accomodates 6-7 Characters, with the optional Wide Die, it can
handle up to 12 Characters. Also, the Widmer P400 Perforator is
our lowest cost Security Perforator and comes with your choice of;
PAID, VOID or CNCLD perforation text. For Secure, Unalterable
Document Control consider a perforator for your office.
Perforator Facts